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Queen Elizabeth II covenant on Hangar

Fencing is now almost complete around the historic ‘Hanger’ block of regenerating native bush. Guthrie Smith shut the gate on this area in the late 1890s and then recorded the process of regeneration for over 40 years up until his death.

The “Hanger” is now well over 100 years into this process and is a very significant piece of bush. Most importantly it shows how introduced exotic species can impact on the environment if left to compete. This will never be a pristine piece of native bush but instead gives us a glimpse of what once grazed land in time will revert to.

A Queen Elizabeth II National Trust covenant is now being put over this area in partnership with the QE2 trust and the HBRC in order to protect this area into the future.
Fencing at Guthrie-SmithTruck with Fencing at Guthrie-Smith