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Guthrie Smith involved in 2015 Conservation Week

As part of our growing relationship with the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Guthrie Smith was invited to become involved in this year’s Conservation Week schools’ programme.

The annual conservation week was successfully held, this year taking in the Guthrie Smith Environmental programme with a walk through the Arboretum down to Lake Tutira. Conservation week has been a fixture for the last 23 years involving a partnership between the HBRC, Panpac and the Department of Conservation.

For 2015 Guthrie Smith were contracted to run the first part of the day followed by a guided walk by Conservation staff through White Pine bush. Around 200 primary students were involved from Greenmeadows, Frimley, Bledisloe, Twyford and Mayfair schools.

The walk through the Arboretum was led by Lynne Arnold culminating in the planting of over 100 native trees in our NZ geographical section. Topics discussed in the walk included conservation, regeneration, identification of native plants, erosion, formation of the Tutira lakes, local Maori history, HBRC country park, birds and insects, water quality and identification and eradication of pests.

The days appeared to be hugely successful and something that we wish to build upon in the future.

By George Christison

Conservation week - Guthrie-Smith 2015

George discussing Tutira history with children from Frimley School. (Photo Stephen Cave)

Conservation week - Guthrie-Smith 2015

Conservation week tree plantings in a cleared area overlooking Lake Orakei.