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Building redecorating and tenanting

In the last few months both cottages on the property became vacant due to tenants moving on. When the first became vacant in June, Kirsty took the opportunity to move her redecorating skills from the Education Centre to the cottage and gave it a good spruce up, with painting throughout; new blinds in the kitchen living area, and curtains for the lounge and one bedroom.

Thanks to both Kirsty for her enthusiasm in driving this, and to David Belcher in keeping building maintenance at the forefront of the Trust’s attention.

This cottage is now tenanted again.

The other cottage, known as the “Cowman’s Cottage” is currently vacant while the trustees get quotes for minor alterations. The current thinking for this cottage that is more private and has views of Lake Tutira and the arboretum is to look at a “Book a Bach” type scenario for people wishing to spend time exploring the Tutira area. It could also be used for accommodation for volunteers.

Cowman's Cottage Lake Tutira

“Cowman’s Cottage” prior to renovations. (Belcher)

Cowman's Cottage - Guthrie-Smith

Kitchen area with new blinds and paint. (Christison)