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What kids say about Guthrie-Smith

“I think Guthrie Smith Arboretum is a great idea because it is a place where thousands of trees can live in peace and harmony without a worry in the world. I think Guthrie Smith is very special to not just me, but to Hawkes Bay as well.” Raymond

“I want to tell you what a great time I had at Guthrie Smith Arboretum.  My favourite tree was the sweet gum with all of the fiery, cherry red leaves.  It is special to Hawke’s Bay because the beautiful nature is always protected.” Georgia

“Some other interesting things were the colourful leaves, getting muddy and looking off towards the beautiful views.  It’s special to Hawkes Bay because its got a lot of native trees and birds.”  Cole

“I enjoyed you talking about all the different things about trees like the Kauri, Miro, Pokaka, and Lancewood.  It is special to Hawkes bay because it is a very quiet place.”  Iroam

“One of my favourite things was the bird we watched on the lake (Dabchick).  It was funny because none knew where it was going to pop up next.”  Clay