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My Favourite Tree

We share information on featured trees from our resident botanist / dendrologist Chris Ryan, and timber enthusiast Mike Halliday to build up a resource of trees and their uses.

My Favourite Tree – London Plane, by David Allan, Guthrie-Smith Chairman

Farndon House“My favourite tree would be the Plane Tree. The reason being, that I was impressed at a very young age by its majestic size, beautiful bark formations and impact when planted in an avenue format. Pollarding, while practical in certain situations, seems a form of vandalism to me!! We are very fortunate to have a driveway of them planted in 1924 so I am also constantly reminded of what they can add to a property and one’s enjoyment of life.” David Allan

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My Favourite Tree – True Cedars, by John Nott, former trustee and past Guthrie-Smith Chairman

Guthrie-Smith Arboretum“I find the three large cedars fascinating trees. The finest is no doubt C. Libani followed by C. Atlantica and C Deodara. Libani has a fascinating history beginning in Turkey, Syria and Lebanon, and was much used by King Solomon all those years ago.”  John Nott

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My Favourite Aussie Show-Off, by Mike Halliday, trustee and Guthrie-Smith newsletter editor

Guthrie-Smith ArboretumWhile it is true that Australians aren’t backward in coming forward, the real “show–off” in our Australian section this year has been the collection of Flowering Gums (Corymbia Ficifolia). Most of you, I am sure, will immediately blink and say “what’s with the name change?” Well about twenty years ago 113 eucalypts in the Ghost Gum, Bloodwood, and Spotted Gum groups were re-classified by botanists as being Corymbia as opposed to Eucalypts. This has proved a little controversial with some refusing to accept the change. However, we digress!

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My Favourite Tree – Kowhai, by John Springford, trustee

KowhaiOur first home was high up on Mt Victoria, Wellington. The northern boundary had a row of 8 established Pohutukawa and after completing a number of DIY alterations to the house and grounds we planted a Kowhai by the front door. And every home we have owned since has had kowhais in the grounds.

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My Favourite Tree – Californian Redwood, by David Belcher, Guthrie-Smith Trust Board member

Guthrie-Smith Trust Board member, and photographer David Belcher tells us about one of his several favourite trees.  I simply adore a plantation of Sequoia sempervirens. [Californian Redwoods]; their grand, tall, pyramidal, majestic appearance with descending branches and aroma provide me with an impressive perception.

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