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Stuart Riden, Trustee

Stuart joined the Trust in 2019. His connection with the Trust goes back to 1992 when he purchased the land that borders the Trust’s Northern Boundary.

The impetus for becoming a trustee was in donating to the Trust approximately 30 hectares of land on the Trusts northern boundary, to be known as the Tutira Sanctuary.

Born in Napier, Stuart’s early connection with Lake Tutira was as a recreational facility. From 1978, Stuart left Hawkes Bay, returning intermittently in the 1990s to establish a forestry block at the rear of his land bordering the Trust.

In 2018, he returned to New Zealand after an absence of 20 years, working in the aviation industry in the UK and Middle East. Upon returning, he was confronted with two realities – impressed by the progress made by the Trust but disappointed in the lack of progress with the lake’s water quality problems.

The time spend overseas has made Stuart acutely aware of the importance of protecting and sustaining the unique and relatively untouched area of Tutira with its lake, escarpments and now a regional park on the eastern side, as well as a Trust on the western side. In making the decision to gift this land, he is hoping to help complete the unique landscape jigsaw, to help towards building an environmental legacy for the future and putting into practice the observations and philosophy of Guthrie-Smith himself.

Stuart is also a keen believer in the benefits of Outdoor Education but also that the public amenity of the Tutira area could be significantly improved. As a trustee, his efforts will primarily be focused on developing the Tutira Sanctuary. His skill set is difficult to define – tinkerer, inventor, negotiator and pragmatist.

“The lake needs the Trust in order for the area to become a first class facility spanning from outdoor education, environmental education, and general amenity. It can also become a central point of visitor interest in an area that stretches from Bay View to Wairoa.”


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