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Di Taylor, Trustee

Di Taylor - Guthrie-SmithAs a young teacher, Di’s first introduction to Guthrie-Smith was taking her class of Year 6 students on their yearly outdoor education programme at the Guthrie-Smith Education Centre. This whet her appetite for future outdoor education in schools.

For around 10 years Di was a Trustee of ECOED, where she assisted in establishing an outdoor education base for Hawke’s Bay schools. As the Deputy Principal of a large intermediate school, Di was also involved in the administration, organisation, and execution of a programme utilising the ECOED base at Opouahi for the whole school, made up of young adolescent students and their teachers.

“I have always personally been keen on the outdoors and this has transferred into encouraging students about learning in the outdoors, environmental education, sustainability, and experiencing activities in the bush and on the water.  My strengths as an educator with many years of teaching and administrative experience, as well as my personal passion for the outdoors, should prove useful attributes to contribute to the governance of the Guthrie-Smith Trust.”

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