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David Belcher, Trustee


As a retired traditional sheep and beef hill country farmer of 40 years, David developed an affinity for the land.  Preservation of the land’s natural resources became paramount and thus began his interest in conservation, preservation, and trees.

In 2008, David was approached to take photographic recordings at the Guthrie-Smith Arboretum.  Many of these can be found in our gallery.  This position rapidly grew and he soon became involved with the tree planning and release work on a regular volunteer basis.  In October 2010, David was appointed a trustee.  Since this appointment he has been assigned responsibility for the homestead gardens and buildings.

“This unique Arboretum takes its precedent from William Herbert Guthrie-Smith’s innovations and as our generation promotes and protects his legacy, it will ultimately become an internationally recognised asset.  It is rewarding working with the Trust and its developments, which will provide educational benefits for our future generations.”

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