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Future Plans

Future Plans as at May 2014

Chris Ryan, Guthrie-SmithBoard trustee Chris Ryan reports

The Arboretum tree planting has been progressing well for 11 years now and there is a varied and impressive range of over 22,000 trees forming a living backdrop to our future.

Our aim is to make our property a unique asset for Hawke’s Bay and an attraction for visitors to the district. The focus to date has been on tree planting as the basis for recreational and educational activities, which we hope will give us a secure financial future.

Children’s education has been a feature at the Guthrie-Smith Tutira for several decades now and we are determined to expand on this and provide more experiences and fun for future generations. To date we have been very much in a land development and tree planting phase with upgrading water supplies and buildings, and installing signage. There are some excellent information signs about plant features that are part of the education package available for schools.

However we are now at the beginning of another phase in our development toward what we believe will be a destination of interest and value for a wide range of people and activities.

Ultimately we hope to be open for most of the year for a variety of activities. To achieve this I believe that we will need to involve more people with a variety of skills to be part of our team working on various aspects of our requirements for the future.

As an initial trial for involving people with special knowledge for a specific purpose, I approached several local people with extensive expertise in various aspects of the plant and garden world.  The brief was to look at our overall strategy with a view to our future planting and planning that would add features of special interest especially near the main centre.  This would be to create a range of plant and structural features for adults and special plantings for educational purposes.  The paths will all be wheelchair friendly, and many of the plants in raised beds.